Good lord, it's been ... ALMOST A YEAR?!
October 18, 2008 @ 4:19 am

Hey folks... anyone who's left out here in the Wish3 vastness. I do hope everyone knows that I WILL be announcing Wish3 volumes 2 and 3 via email and here as well? There's no need to stare at these sad, old pages. ;D

You might be asking me now... where's the promised Between!? Are you even DRAWING?! Well, lots of things have happened since last I "blogged" here. I got married August 8th, I'm legally Mrs. Stuart now. LOL. I'm working at Film Roman on a show called The Goode Family airing in January. Who's Film Roman? They do a little show called The Simpsons. Yes, I'm doing storyboards :) My dream job!!!

Anyway, thought I'd throw in a word up here as it's been a dang long time. After a year of wedding planning, trying to crawl back into a pinup/creative drawing mode is slightly difficult. BUT I am touching Wish3 again and when I can start nagging my brilliant Capcom/Wii game designer husband to help me with a plot, Between will be up and running.

Oh, and once I get a friggin' Cintiq next July. Yeah, working on one REALLY ruins me for regular tablet work and even paper and pencil skills are degrading. ACK!


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